Pre-bonded Applications And Accessory Choices At A Salon

Posted: 24th March 2017 by Anxela Carmona in Beauty Services
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There is so much you could explore when it comes to synthetic applications for your head and scalp. Not only can you vary style and length but also choose applications that help you accessorize in novel ways.

What are pre-bonded mane extensions?

Whether you are opting for weft hair extensions in real or synthetic form, you can look at pre bonded applications as well. These have a bonding agent that is pre applied at the tip. Such extensions come of use in many ways. You might opt for them to increase the length of your hair as well as make an existing hair style look fuller. This is particularly useful if you suffer from light and thin hair. Not only can pre bonded hair applications, attach to natural hair, it can also be styled and cut like real hair. There are different types of pre bonded hair extensions like stick tip, remy nail tip, or nail tip. With varieties in textures and colors you will find such extensions wonderful to accessorize your hair in different ways. Read this article to gain information about the premium human hair extensions that will give you the long, silky, voluminous looks you’ve always desired.

How are pre-bonded extensions used?

Usually the tips are created on pre bonded hair extensions by using a bonding glue that is put on one end. When you wish to get pre bonded hair extensions at a salon, the hair stylist will attach the glued tip to the hair of the customer with a heat connector clamp. It is akin to a hair straightener and has a built in lip that helps to position the glue tip. By positioning the clamp and applying the right amount of pressure, human hair extensions are attached to the natural hair of the customer. Remy nail tip hair extensions have hair cuticles arranged in the same direction. Hence, the hair remains neater and smoother and is tangle free. For such reasons remy extensions are higher priced than others.

Choose the right application

If you wish to avail of pre bonded hair extensions and discover ways they can help you play around with hair styles and length, it is best to consult a professional hair stylist. Not every salon stylist would have experience in working with hair extensions. Hence, it is important that you find an experienced hair stylist who has handled pre bonded and other hair extension applications. He or she will be able to advice on the right extension products as per your needs and budget. You also need to be known the kind of maintenance you need to do as well as the period of time till when extensions remain good on your hair.

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