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Most women dread going through menopause. It is considered as losing what makes a female, a woman. It’s called a sign that you’ve got too old. People even believe farfetched myths about menopause. Some say you won’t be able to have sexual intercourse again. Some say it affects your health negatively. Some say you’re going to gain weight. However, let me tell you, there are all just myths. Menopause is normal. It’s not a sign you’re losing your femininity or a sign that you’ve become too old. You will be able to have sexual intercourse and enjoy it too. You won’t gain weight for sure. It’s your body protecting yourself. However, since your body will be going through some changes, it’s important that you give it time to adapt to the new situation and help your body with it. It’s important to live a healthy lifestyle even if you’re not going through menopause.

Start Exercising

Exercising helps anyone. Even if you’re a teenager, or a mother who just recently gave birth and a woman going through menopause, exercising is never going to fail you. Talk to an expert and get to know what kind of exercising is best for you. Learn about keeping your body healthy and what kind of a lifestyle you should have when you start exercising. While exercising might not solve all your problems, it will make you feel less stressed. Some women complain about urine leaking when they’re exercising. You might feel embarrassed to talk about it, but it happens to everyone. There is nothing wrong with you. You can talk to urinary incontinence surgeon and get a surgery done and your problems will be solved.

Stop Smoking

Avoid smoking. Now, this might be hard choice to make. But smoking can make everything a harder than it should be when you’re going through menopause. Your body is going to go through some changes. The hormonal changes can actually increase the risk of heart diseases if you don’t protect your body. Not smoking can reduce the chances if you getting a heart condition. It can interfere with your treatments too. Say, you’re going through menopausal hormone therapy, smoking won’t help you get the results you’re hoping for. Talk to a doctor and discuss your options.

Start Eating Healthy

Start eating healthy. Menopause or not, this is something we all should do. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you become a vegetarian or that you have to give up pizza. It’s okay to eat fast food. But, you have to make sure it’s not a daily habit and that you eat food with lots of calciums while you’re going through menopause. There are ways to make eating healthy food fun. Juts make them look good and tasty.

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