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Rejuvenate Your Skin With Massage

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Our skin is another organ of our body that keeps all other organs protected. But very few of us treat skin as an organ. Though we try to make it look beautiful, we rarely try to make it healthy like all other organs. But it is necessary to take care of skin health as much as we care of its beauty by opting the service of So Glamorous. There are quite a few ways to take care of our skin. While some do it with artificial products, some depend on natural things. By taking care of our skin, we can easily keep many impurities off. This is important for skin as it faces all those dust and pollutants every day.


Massage is well known for its benefits. In fact, it is there for thousands of years. It has been used as a method of treating scars and injuries. Toady this therapy has much more to it. It is a process of healing scars and also used to rejuvenate our skin. In the hands of a trained therapist of any reputed rejuvenation clinic, the benefits of massage won’t take long to appear. Even, it works as the safest method of treating mental ailments, like anxiety, stress and depression. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits our skin can get through massage.

Blood flow:

All the nutrients move to every part of our body through the blood. With the flow of the blood, our organs and cells get the elements and remove the contaminated ones. With time, the blood flow fails to reach all the parts including the skin. This is when massage comes to help. It helps to loosen the tissue and muscle beneath our skin. Blood gets to flow to the skin through these tissues and muscles. Skin gets the benefits of increased blood flow and starts to glow. When the flow increases, it becomes easy for the skin to get the nourishing elements easily. Some parlours that offer beauty treatments, like eyebrow feathering, also have the facility of massage therapy.

Removal of impurities and dead cells:

The friction that is created during massage removes the layer of dead cells from our skin. Fresh healthy tissues come up and these new tissues can soak up nutrients better. So, our skin becomes healthier. The production of glands is improved by massage. So, the glands can easily remove the impurities which are eliminates with sweat. As impurities comes out through the pores, the skin looks more youthful. Massage at a proper interval can make our skin healthy.